Monster Hunter Rise – Title Update 1 Overview

    Before we begin, I will warn will that this will contain spoilers for Monster Hunter Rise. If you do not wish to see them, then this article is not for you.

    For those who read my Monster Hunter Rise review, you would know that while I’d basically loved everything that game brought to the table, there was this lingering sense that the production got bottlenecked at some point, likely due to Covid unfortunate existence. This meant that a good chunk of content was unavailable for the game’s initial release back in March, as that still had to be polished before players could get their hands on it. It’s very evident considering that the NPCs talked about facing the game’s two elder dragons when it revealed that they are still alive, but players will be unable to slay them properly until the next update in May.

    Releasing for all players today, however, the game’s first title updates bring several new monsters into the mix of various types.

    The Elder Dragons

With Rise’s two elder dragons being fights made to be a grand spectacle separate from the game’s other locales, bringing back the classic elder dragon trio going back all the way to Monster Hunter 2 adds some much-needed variety. 

    Chamelos was the first monster showcased for the title update, and he by far the quirkiest out of the bunch. With slow, jerky animations that are much akin to his real inspiration found in chamelons, this deceptive dragon brings back his classic shenanigans. Making use of his long tongue, poison, and invisibility, Chamelos still remains one of the most unique dragons ever after so many games.

    One of my favorite monsters back in Monster Hunter WorldRise brings back everything that makes Tesotra such a fun and, at times, brutal endeavor to add its own inspired effects on top of it. With an endless barrage of fire and blast attacks, players must do everything they can to not be turned into dust by the ferocity of this monster.

    In what might be for some the absolute bane of their existence, Kushala Daora’s wind-based attack still might make him the most divisive out of the three elder dragons for players. For what it’s worth in comparison to other titles that have him stay in the air for what feels like forever, Rise’s take on Kushala keeps him more grounded. But just like Tesotra, all of his attacks are visually stunning. 

The Apex’s



With Apex’s playing such a major theme in the game’s rampage mode, it’s pretty fitting to see some new Apex to cause us mayhem. Both Apex Rathalos and Diablos make for some pretty chaotic fights, capable of easily destroying the fortress in just one or two attacks. For those who played Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate, it’s very evident that much of their moveset is taken from the Deviants of that game. Very much a running theme for all the apexes we’ve seen so far. It’s a pretty neat way to bring back that concept into this generation. 

Also, the ones that were available before this update can now be hunted in regular quests outside of rampage, which makes me very happy. I really enjoyed that mode, but it is nice to have the option to hunt them classically.

The B-52 

    The monster kept secret until the update release, the invader that made players regret their decisions to become a hunter back in World makes his return to bring havoc once again. Bazelguese will hold a place in my heart for being such a unique creature with one of the most frantic themes in the series. And all of his B-52 madness is brought back wonderfully in Rise. Just be careful of the explosions. 

Other notes

Aside from the new six monsters added, there are many new quests for both the village and gathering hub, including event quests that will be added later. New decorations, fixing up the charm system and expanding the weapon tree. But the most surprising addition is layered armor. A feature that I was not expecting until later down the line, but I’m glad is here to help spice up the visuals of my builds while not having to trade any damage skills in the process.

    Overall I am very pleased. While I would have wanted to live in a world where all of this was already in the game back in March, considering the circumstances, it’s hard to be too upset about it. I was already having a blast with Rise, and this is going to add hours upon hours to my experience. And with the second title that promises a new ending coming out at the end of May, the future of Monster Hunter Rise is looking very bright. 

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