August 2021 Update

Hello everyone. I’m am still kicking and haven’t forgotten about this blog one bit. Well kind of.

So remember that one big post I’ve previously made which had a pretty clear outline for what I wanted to cover while amid a pretty big marathon? Well, I apologize now for turning that into a false promise. Didn’t think it was going to end up like that, but the reality is a lot harsher than fantasy.

There are various reasons why this turn out to be the case, but know that the major contributor to my hiatus was my failure to juggle the time I had off work to balance my hobbies so I can consume whatever piece of media. I’m still looking at various amounts of cool stuff. Just haven’t thought to write about it.

So what’s the plan now? Well, there isn’t necessarily is one. Now that’s not to say that I’m abandoning this platform. On the contrary, I definitively want to publish my material here. It’s simply the fact that I don’t have any grand inspirations to do stuff like retrospectives, or marathons at least for now. On the flip side, this is a fun place for me to unload and bring up anything I think is interesting. Particularly on what this site has always been about.

I want to start making weekly content sometime soon, but it’s hard to give an exact date when there is still more planning to be done. The best case would be at some point in the next two weeks. Could be longer or sooner than that for I am making no promises.

But that’s about it. Hopefully, you as my audience are still interested in what comes next. Hopefully, I make it worthwhile.


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